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9 Favorite Foodie Destinations on Route 66

Posted on 27 Jan, 2024 at 02:14 pm - by

Route66 is not only known for its historical landmarks and iconic sights but also the quality food stations, tourists who love to indulge in cultural aspects of their journey, would love to dive deep into the flavor-some delicacies that provide the regional aroma and unique taste, where there is a variety of deep pan pizzas, steakhouses, and so much more!

Let’s explore the nine top-most food destinations that you can try en route and that will make you visit again for some wholesome food, some of the best-known restaurants Route 66 are as below:


Lou Mitchell’s Bakery & Restaurant, Chicago Illinois:

This restaurant has a unique slogan of “serving the world's finest coffee” that reflects its classical taste and originality as it has been operational since 1923. It is a one-of-a-kind local landmark that has an old-school touch to it, situated at Jackson Boulevard in Chicago, and gives off classical vibes. It is suggested that you start off your journey on Route 66 with a nice breakfast at Lou Mitchell’s restaurant, as breakfast is their specialty providing nice and fluffy pancakes, some authentic coffee, and freshly squeezed juices with bigger and tastier waffles and omelets.


Cozy Dog Drive-In Springfield, Illinois:

It is known as the birthplace of a tastier corn dog, a classic venture of Virginia and her husband Ed Waldmire, who is very well known for making stick corn dogs that are crispier and golden, balancing the taste buds with its awesome flavor. It has been a delight for customers since the 1940s, their constant efforts to make the best corn dogs ever, eventually made them a main focus of the street, which is why the owners keep expanding the menu and have started serving the best quality burgers and fries too alongside with their top seller corn dogs, this 66 route restaurant is a must visit for those who LOVE corn dogs!


Big Texan Steak Ranch:

Amarillo has a warm welcome to everyone visiting, here everything is bigger, just like their hearts, if you’re planning to visit anytime soon for Route 66 diner, get ready to indulge yourself in some fresh, juicy, and bigger steaks that are perfect for your taste buds, making you crave for even more yet fulfilling enough because of their larger food portions, serving flavorful ribs, and juicy steaks that makes up an ideal feast for you.


Miz Zip’s Café, Arizona:

Here’s a café that is the perfect spot for lunch and dinner, for people planning a road trip to Route 66, a retro style café that serves cozy food, whilst of burgers, or homemade pies, it gives off a uniquely, homemade, mother-ly feel.

It was founded in 1952 by Bob Leonard and Norma, providing an in-formal set-up to make their customers feel calm and cozy, their freshly baked pies are known for their originality and it keeps their customers hooked to them, so they come again for some juicy burgers, homemade pies and cozy feels.


Delgadilo’s Snow Cap Drive-In

This uniquely curated drive-in restaurant is situated at Seligman, it offers more than merely food, and it is an experience on its own. It is a roadside cafe that has a classical touch in it and is curated humorously, having an eye-catching ambiance and providing delectable desserts.

This drive-in restaurant can satisfy all your cravings from hot dogs to burgers, and not only this, but this restaurant also offers innovative ways of serving milkshakes, that amaze and attract the tourists to drop by for another wonderful experience.

El Rancho Hotel, Gallup New Mexico:

This hotel represents the flavors of Southwest and has been very well-reputed since the 1940s, they have also been a host for Hollywood movie stars like Katherine Hepburn, Elia Kazan, Bily Wilder, etc. It has become Mexico’s best restaurant, enriched with culture and history and legendary for silver screen appearance, with a touch of unique cowboy effect and rustic decor, serving the best quality Mexican cuisine featuring spicy tacos, stews, and steaks. It is a lively, casual atmosphere where you may unwind after a day of seeing monuments and Route 66 attractions, it is a perfect stop for a quick break and gives off a very cinematic vibe, their ranch-style dining room and flavorsome 66 diner to enjoy here is to die for.


Western View Diner & Steakhouse:

When you walk into this exceptional restaurant which is a classical roadhouse restaurant enriched with history, you’ll definitely leave the world behind experience, the tender steaks won’t let you hold onto any worries, it takes you back to the times of 1937, since then they haven’t compromised even a tiniest bit on their quality. The Route 66 diner with an ambiance to remember, get ready to indulge in a wide variety of green Chile chicken soup, classic triple-decker sandwiches, noodles topped with beef, and signature desserts is a treat to your taste buds.


In-N-Out Burger, Los Angeles California:

This restaurant is an iconic place to dive deep into the land of burgers, Route 66 burgers are as flavorful as anything else, and In-N-Out burger is known for their fresh ingredients and a savory menu that has a lot to offer. If you’re a Hamburger fan then you don’t need to miss this out, their not-so-secret menu offers protein-style burgers, animal-style burgers, grilled cheese, and double meat patties that will make you go WOW over this treat.


The Sycamore Inn Steakhouse:

The steakhouse with a vintage vibe is surely all that you want to visit. It opened in 1848 as a post office and a tavern but lately, it has become a uniquely best-serving steakhouse, quite a reward for travelers on Route 66. It serves a whole wide range of porterhouse steaks, and oysters and is also known for Grand Marnier soufflé that too with a fascinating cocktails bar set that offers a whole range of different fruit cocktails.

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