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Top 7 things to do in Robert, MO

Posted on 29 Jan, 2024 at 01:48 am - by

A relaxing escapade awaits you to venture into the cityscape of Robert, MO boasting popular landmarks, spectacular landscapes, a vast array of outdoor activities, and a rich historical culture. If you are thinking about all the possible things to do in St Robert MO, keep on reading!


Uranus Sideshow Museum 

Top on the list is the Uranus Sideshow Museum, which showcases anomalies and historical artifacts from sideshows and circuses of the ancient era. As soon as you step in, you’ll be engulfed by the vibe of exceptional Sideshow staff who have been and are performers themselves. You will be Bathed in the aura of over 100 exhibits as soon as you enter the magic shop. The Museum highlights out-of-the-ordinary aspects like the two-headed animals, the two-headed turtle, Fiji Mermaids, and memorabilia featuring famous sideshow performers in the olden days, making it one of the most exciting things to in MO. You can also get to greet animals such as the infamous macaw that every now and then communicates with visitors. We bet no other place showcases idiosyncrasies like unicorn skulls, shrunken heads, and a chupacabra, and that right there is what sets Uranus different from the rest of the things to do in St Robert.


 City of St Robert Museum 

Centrally situated in the St. Robert Municipal Center, the museum showcases relics that stand as a testament to the rich history of the city. You can find various things that all narrate tales of the days gone by. Take a trip down memory lane as you go through the old photos of law enforcement, the fire department, and an old racetrack. Watch the picture dance around as a video of the olden city administrators is also displayed, which not only highlights the long-residing citizens but also presents how carefully yet exceptionally the city has developed.


Devil’s Elbow Bridge 

The Devil’s Elbow Bridge is home to the great Big Piney River and its surrounding splendid vantage points. One of the great spots in the vicinity is Sheldon’s Market which has been transformed into Devil’s Elbow Post Office. You can also find the Elbow Inn Bar and Grill, open to the public since 1929, and an ancient steel truss bridge crossing the river. The bridge was originally built in 1941, mainly to aid in the supply to Fort Leonard Wood, but today it stands as a tourist attraction, where people come by and marvel at the panoramic vistas from the Teardrop Road.


Uranus Fudge Factory 

We already talked about Uranus’ exquisiteness, but the highlight actually lies in the world-renowned Fudge Factory and General Store, which is a can’t miss kind of stop conveniently situated along Route 66. As soon as you step in you’ll be enfolded in the essence of the best fudge, which comes directly from here at Uranus. Make sure to give the free sample a shot when you stop by, either to rest or to appreciate the surroundings. Not only does this factory master in making melt-in-the-mouth fudge but also provides a vast array of candies, drinks, hot sauce, t-shirts, and Ozark novelties. Buy unique gifts for your loved ones as souvenirs from the general store. 


US Army Engineer Museum 

The US Army Engineer Museum stands tall to pay tribute to the significant role engineers have in the U.S. Army and welcomes people to come visit and immerse themself in rich history and effort, placing this museum among the best things to do in MO. Take a trip back into the past, in the days when paddlewheels and pontoons were common, at the encyclopedia gallery which presents relics and duplicates of the olden times. Head over to the topographic area, displaying gears and initiatives of cartographers and spatial analysts since the time of colonization. If you are keen to know of the land mining process then walk over to the land mine display, which showcases explosive devices, surveillance tools, and international weaponry which aided in the development of land mines for warfare technology. Take a stroll on the very bridges built by the engineers of that time like the waterborne, anchored, and portable, and soon you’ll learn of the way these bridges were destroyed by various explosives 


Old Stagecoach Stop 

Standing still since the 1850s, the Old Stagecoach Stop, beckons museum enthusiasts to come and indulge in its rich history and culture. This 10-room museum specifies each room. Each room is restored to an evolving purpose or distinct age in the building's past. This venue has been a stopping point for lots of visitors, as it functions as a tavern on the Wire Road between St. Louis and Springfield. Not only that but the building once played its role as a hospital during the time of Civil War. Furthermore, it was used as a hotel, a dentist’s office, and a laborer’s center during the construction of Fort Leonard Wood in 1941. 


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Strategically situated at a drive of 34 minutes from St. James Winery and 4km away from the St Robert Transfer Station, is the perfect hotel for your convenience the Budget Inn hotel. Around the vicinity you can find Interstate 44, and just 11 km (about 6.84 mi) away is the Fort Leonard Wood military base. Each room is well equipped with complimentary Internet access, cable TV, shower, toiletries, bath, air conditioning, a microwave, and a refrigerator. Elevate your hotel stay with the 24-hour front desk service and satiate your midnight cravings with the vending machine. 

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